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Is your experience on the right audiences’ radar? Are your attendees sharing your content? Are your activations living on long after the event?

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Event marketing social media, done right, has tremendous impact, extending live experiences to virtual audiences around the world in real time. Imagine expanding your brand exponentially at every event.

This page offers you everything you need to know about event-focused social media—from the basics to industry trends to some eye-opening facts and figures. Get the social ins and outs here.

Event Marketing Social Media 101


Learn the basics you need to know to drive a more effective social media strategy for events. Find out how to get more bang from your event budgets. Social media delivers more value by impacting a larger audience, maintaining value-driven relationships and creating assets to be used across multiple channels long after the event.

Get the 101 cheat sheet. A quick guide for social media around events.

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After investing thousands of dollars in your exhibiting program, its crucial to drive traffic to your booth. Otherwise, you risk low turnout -- kind of like buying food and beverages and hiring entertainment for a big party and having no one show up. One of the tools you can use to drive traffic is Twitter. Twitter can help you entice an audience that is interested in your products to engage with you in a face-to-face conversation.

How important is it to include social media in event marketing strategy, you ask? Well, a recent survey conducted by Sparks with Exhibit Surveys, Inc. found that 55% of the attendees of professional B2B events will use social media to help decide whether to attend your event. An effective social media event plan takes a strategic approach, relying on the right mix of content marketing, buzz building and community management.

Heard of Periscope yet? A live-streaming app owned by Twitter, Periscope officially launched in March 2015. The app has rapidly gained traction, with 10 million-plus Periscope accounts and over 40 years of live video watched per day. Because of its ease-of-use and broad social reach, the live-streaming app has gained popularity with experiential marketers. If youre thinking about using Periscope to extend your event, check out our event marketing usage ideas and tips.

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